What Often Appears As Massive Disappointment, Is Really God’s Mercy Being Given Freely

Wallow in misery or rejoice in the hidden blessing, these are our two choices.

Common sense tells us that in the midst of every difficulty lies an equal, or greater, opportunity. God loves His children.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff – it is very much a “parent function.” God sometimes withholds things from us that, if we really got what we asked for, would do much more harm than good. He wants what is best for us.

    I know we sometimes go through the same issues with being parents to our own children, but we forget oftentimes that God is dealing with us sometimes in the same way.

    Thanks for the reminder! 🙂


  2. Bob, you’re welcome. A few minutes ago (for real) I played a voice message from a former colleague and he reminded me that I’ve always said (although not recently), “You can’t teach patience with impatience”.

    God, and Parents, should be the epitome of patience (love).

    Have an awesome Tuesday!

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