You Are Replaceable

Slowly, over the course of our careers, a huge rift develops…

This is the sad fact for many workers, no matter your level in your organization.

Unless maybe you’re the Pope. Then maybe you’re not replaceable.

Isn’t this the root of imbalance? We work harder than we probably need to, creating a huge rift in balance, just to feel safe and secure?

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  1. Work place problems arise when someone dons the mantle of being irreplaceable. And I’m not talking jealousy problems among cast or crew — but workplace progress problems. Everyone needs to be able to pitch in and step in or up. Otherwise the customer, whoever that is, suffers.

  2. Patty, few people I know think they’re irreplaceable. And because we can be replaced, we work, stereotypically, harder than necessary in order to create a thin veil of job security.

    What I’m proposing, is the effort isn’t worth the ROI.

    Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Do you think most people feel ‘safe’ at work?

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