Each day we do or don’t do something makes it easier to do it again tomorrow

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We have the power to choose our daily actions


Each day we do, or don’t do, something makes it easier to repeat it again tomorrow.

Take starting the day on our knees for instance.

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  1. Jeff,

    I so agree with you. The hardest thing to do to start or stop a habit is to take that first step…that initial attempt. But once that first step has been taken, the second seems easier, and so on.

    Prayer is definitely one that can easily fall into this category.


  2. Bob, last night at the gym, an old friend facilitated out of me a key insight regarding fear. It was an aha moment.

    Freedom (and peace) can not exist where fear is present.

    A blinding flash of the obvious, but way deeper this time – transformational actually.

    And only four days prior, I kicked fear’s butt after waiting 34 years for something.

    That story won’t officially hit these blogs for 96 more days.

    And by the time it does, well, let me continue to work on that. 🙂

    Have an awesome Wednesday.

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