Safer to lie or to tell the trut​h?

lying in public
They were in the news again because Go-Fund-Me just refunded every donor’s money. They are probably nice people in general. Temptation to lie is something every one of us has to wrestle with.

What if you were praised for telling the truth?

Generally, lying when you do something unpopular, unethical, or even accidently, the return on investment for lying seems like the (obvious) best and most valuable choice – life immediately becomes easier when we are “off-the-hook”.

The wrath and responsibility for owning up to something can be avoided or turned into a non-issue if we lie.

What’s in it for being honest?


The most valuable of all relationship ingredients.

When our son was about two years old (in 2002), we promised him he’d never get in trouble for telling the truth.

Set your bar(s) high.

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