Best time to worry spiritually

Five family elders and an eighth-grader
This eight-grader is outnumbered by digitally non-native adults. Photo: 2014 Allentown, PA.

Who’s the most peaceful and content person you know?

Eventually, you should be your answer.

Once again visualize the opposite: anxiety and discontent.

As you can see the predictable life pattern, slow and steady compound interest for peace and contentment. Or slow and steady compound interest on anxiety and discontent.

The beauty with consistent self-reflection is your ability to see the obvious, the familiar, the way – the only smart choice.

Your desire to invest slowly and steadily in honing the good habits and shedding the bad habits is what reaps the harvest from compound interest….peace and contentment.

Peace with who you are.

Content with what you have.

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By jeff noel

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