Dear Son, delivering Food for Families for the 13th year

Thanksgiving traditions
Thanksgiving Day 2012… a Thanksgiving Day tradition since 2000


food for families
a long line is a great sign… these are volunteers answering the call Thanksgiving morning


food for families 2012
impressive coordination between Bread of Life Ministries, Publix, and Ocoee High School


food for families 2012
just a portion of the 2,000+ boxes of food


food for families 2012
volunteers loading our van with big boxes of food


Food for Families 2012
stocked with food for five Families… time for the deliveries


Dear Son, delivering Food for Families for the 13th Thanksgiving Day in a row this morning. Yes, you’re 12, which means we started the tradition when you were three months old.

As you’ve grown, it seems this year may be the first day you look at this process with the realization that giving is receiving.

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  1. Financial health, mental health, physical health, spiritual health. I see all of those wrapped up nicely in this post. There is more than just the simple act of providing a meal. By feeding these families you are:

    Allowing them to use what money they have for other neccessities. (Financial)
    Easing their burden about where their next meal may come from. (Mental)
    Nourishing their bodies with a balanced meal. (Physical)
    Sharing the love of God through Christ by serving. (Spiritual)

    One act. Many deeds.

  2. David, and Patty, just back from a (very cold) 5-mile run, which I really would have preferred to stay inside and relax.

    What is striking me with the combination of your comments is there are those that are hungry (starving perhaps) for work life balance.

    Mid Life Celebration is trying to feed those people, of which I am one.

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