Dear Son, thank you for giving Mom the gift of Motherhood

Drury Inn
Home for the past four days, right off of some Interstate. Drury Inn sign bottom-left corner.


grass field
Empty land for future development. The Interstate is on the other side of the tree line.




spit bugs
Spit bugs made this. Didn’t see very many. They are small.


Spit bugs
Context, next to Apple Air Pod.


More weeds.


dirt road
Looking back from where i came.


Small roadside daisies.


small daisy
Can’t you just hear the daisy saying, “Put me in coach!”


Weed closeup. Small black ant on top, almost hidden.


Dear Son, thank you for giving Mom the gift of Motherhood.

In all your 17 years, i’ve never thought of Mother’s Day this way.

Why now?

While in Louisville the past four days, i did more than the usual thinking.

Deeper thinking.

Brought on by exciting and different ways to run my business in 2019 and beyond.

Back to you and Mother’s day…

You have been such a blessing to guide, teach, learn from, and have fun with.

Thank you.


• • • • •

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