Dear Son, the Lord works in mysterious ways, trust this

Photo for posterity in Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa (Photo: Tina)
Photo for posterity in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa (Photo: Tina)


Dear Son, the Lord works in mysterious ways, trust this. Enjoy this photo of a moment in time that will never happen again. So glad you were there last Monday to witness me being so stunned I looked like a dork.

Note: February 25, 2013 photo shoot for a publication honoring the recipient’s of the Walt Disney Legacy Award.

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  1. Jeff – I know this is something that will for the rest of your life be a moment in time that will make you smile. But you are right – I am glad your son was there to make that a memory he will carry with him for the rest of his life about his father!

  2. Bob, thanks for the validation as a fellow Father.

    At 12, he probably has little (to no) comprehension of this. (and actually, it’s difficult for me to comprehend – weird, I know).

    Anyway, it’s a blessing from Heaven, and am spending time discerning how it will help me help others better.

  3. I know it seems overwhelming and even in the midst of it, humbling. Just know that the actions that got that recognition often came as a result of your willingness to serve and inspire others. That’s what Chapin can take away from it, whether the rest has little comprehension at this time.

    At least that was the direction I took it when I showed both my sons the article about your recognition, and they are excited for you. You represent a piece of the Disney persona to them, and they know you are my friend.

  4. Bob, God gives us opportunity daily. Even minute by minute. Opportunities are blessings. And blessings are opportunities. God is awesome like that.

    Thank you for taking this to your Sons.

    What a humbling experience (blessing) you’ve just shared.

    You are such an important part of this community. Thank you for being a great “neighbor”.

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