Does God care what denomination?

Windermere Baptist Church
Yesterday morning at 9:45am service.


What should we do when we love something yet it may be silently overwhelming us, or at the very least, it holds us back from our full potential because of the travel time required?

What if we could slay the travel time excuse and create a remarkable opportunity?

There’s a Church adjacent to our subdivision. It’s a three-minute drive, two minutes of which are required to exit our driveway and get to the main highway. It’s literally a minute away.

Our current Church is 20 minutes away and we have loved being a part of that community since 1999. i hate the thought of leaving.

i love the thought of being a minute away and the possibilities proximity holds.




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  1. Jeff,

    It is interesting…that same discussion is going on all over America right now, as more churches are popping up in communities that normally are served in the “traditional” ways. As I go to my church, I pass multiple churches, including one that is a non-denominational church that is growing like crazy just minutes away from my own church’s doorstep.

    Location does mean a lot, but so does “non-traditional.” It seems to be the new appeal in organized church. Even Zac now plays the keyboards on staff for a satellite “contemporary” campus of our church about an hour away from our church, and that church is growing by leaps and bounds.

    I believe more and more people are looking no longer for denominations, but for truth in a way that’s practical to them (Biblically and geographically). It doesn’t mean there’s not a need for the traditional. I think there is still a place for that too.


    1. Bob, if the Church next door to us was a Catholic Church, it would be perfect. This is simply a location question. How would our lives change (+-) if everything we needed was a short bicycle ride away?

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