Dear Son

Karma at the drive-through

Thank you note card
Never told my lunch partner about writing 7 Disney Business books in 1 year. But Donna knew i had reached Day 183.


Was expecting a call when the phone rang at the Chick-fil-A drive-thru lane.

The person calling wasn’t who i was expecting, which in this case, was even better.

He was in his car and i was in mine.

A random, important, and spontaneous call.

The odds of us being far apart were literally a guarantee.

Our vehicles were 200 meters apart.

We met, we talked, on the spot, no waiting, no coordinating schedules, just boom.


Being asked about career-altering advice is a huge responsibility and huge honor.

Paying it back or paying it forward, it’s an opportunity to do unto others as others have graciously and generously done unto me.

• • • • •

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By jeff noel

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