Maybe This Is The Reason

Plenty Of Seats In Heaven
Plenty Of Seats In Heaven

Maybe the hell you’ve been through is a gift to make you an expert in that kind of hell, so that later in life, when you’re wiser, you’ll be able to help others facing the same hell.

God wastes nothing, and no one is immune from hell. It’s the devil’s way of trying to convince us God doesn’t care.

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  1. There is a lesson, growth, in every event of every day. When I find myself in a “bad” situation I take comfort in the fact that what I am experiencing is for a purpose that I am not yet aware of. That somehow even the trying and sad experiences that are placed before me are there to help those friends whom I have not had the pleasure yet to meet. God’s plan is always good.

  2. Patty, the echo of your words revealed a comforting thought with something I’m currently challenged with.

    We both said the same thing, but hearing it from you, echoing my post’s content, really allowed the solution to appear quite effortlessly.

    Hope this works well for others too. Thanks.

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