Not gonna lie

Glacier National Park bridge
McDonald Creek bridge. make a right just after the bridge.


Lake McDonald Boat House
Make the first right.


Lake McDonald Boat House
Make the first left.


Lake McDonald Boat House
be prepared to be stunned.


Lake McDonald Boat House


Lake McDonald Boat House
Only boat on Lake McDonald.


Village Inn at Apgar
Village Inn at Apgar. Have stayed here many times. Every room has a spectacular view.


Lake McDonald Boat House
Boat rails lead to the Boat House garage.


Lake McDonald Boat House
From the Boat House steps.


Not gonna lie.

Last night tested my peace of mind.

i’m literally in the middle of nowhere.


Sure, the Boathouse has doors with locks and heat and all the stuff our house at Walt Disney World has.

But it is so quiet and so desolate this time of year.

It feels like i’m 100 miles from help if i need it.

Having WiFi and ATT helps.

Eventually, i feel asleep.

Woke up at 2:45am (4:45am Orlando time), excited for a great day.

And OMG, because 13 hours of today have happened already, it’s all I can do to keep my mouth shut about it.

Spoiler for tomorrow. Today has been an incredible day.

• • • • •

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