Dear Son

Not pushing Jesus on you

College buddy at Walt Disney World
Dear Son, have a few great friends from your HS and College years. Yesterday met up with Rick and his wife Jacquelyn – Mom and i have known them since 1979.


Told our Son last night, “You have to come to your own conclusions about how to live your life and what components of your life will be the most important.

Here are a couple hints:

  • Eventually your goal is 100% conviction
  • Balance mind, body, spirit, money, and hq
  • Be so convinced you would defend your convictions with your life
  • Be sure your convictions bring you: peace in your soul, joy in your spirit and love in your heart

And finally, you’ll want to arrive at a place where everyday, you are living in constant gratitude and if today was your final day, you’d be at peace.


• • • • •

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