Dear Son

Palm Sunday Grace = Overwhelmed


At Chruch yesterday with a standing room only crowd (2k+-) as the Deacon, the Priest, and i read the Palm Sunday story to our congregation – a stunning moment…

Deacon played the narrator, Father John portrayed Jesus, the congregation played the part of “the crowd”, and i proclaimed the voice of assorted other characters in the story.

Five minutes into the 15-minute group narration, i lost my place.


Unbelievable embarrassment.

Then more panic, if that was even possible.

The harder i worked to scan the reading to find where we were, the worse it got.

Deacon Larry covered for me by reading two of my parts.

Disney taught me to stay calm under pressure.

i left my position, walked over to the cantor, apologized and “begged” for help.

In the end, it all worked out.

The blessing was that Chapin got to see my hugely public “mistake” and how i handled it.

These moments don’t define us, our reaction and recovery do.


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