Rest On Sunday?

Real Life, In Real Time (September 25, 2010)
Real Life, In Real Time (September 26, 2010)

Resting on Sunday (Sabbath) sure looks good on paper. Saturday night I was thinking about the two speeches I would deliver yesterday (Sunday) morning.

There is a certain anxiety that accompanies a public speaker’s life. Large or small audiences, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is expecting you to be smart, and hopefully, funny.

The first speech, a reading from the book of the prophet Amos, was 90 seconds, delivered to an audience of hundreds.

The second speech, the Homily, was seven minutes, delivered to 60 children from kindergarten to 5th grade. It was in a separate building, a few minutes after the first.

Unlike today’s point at Mid Life Celebration, I didn’t tell our son (10) “why” I worked so hard on a Sunday. Well, not until dinner last night.

Even Jesus had to explain (defend) why he worked (helped others) on Sunday.

You now exactly what it’s like. Most of the work we do to serve others looks easy and natural.

Can we all agree it would have been so much easier to sleep in?

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  1. Jeff,

    You are right…it would have been easier to sleep in. And sometimes, that is necessary, if you are so busy doing for others that you neglect your own health. Remember, Psalm 23 says that God “makes us” lie down in green pastures – sometimes He has to make us rest to take care of us when we neglect to do so. Sheep – and humans – are often that way.

    But to your point of this, if you have a servant’s heart (either for your own son or others), you do get up and do for others in spite of your own desires. Most parents do…that’s kind of expected. But to do for others even when you don’t have to without looking for payment – that’s servanthood! And you know, that’s LEADERSHIP…leading by serving!

    Keep pressing on!


  2. Neil Young (CSNY fame) had a song in the late 70’s something like this, “I’d rather burn out than fade (rust) away”. There is something deep down in our souls that beckons us to serve. It’s the law of the wild – survival of the fittest, but also protect the herd at all costs.

    The glorious gift we give to ourselves, and ultimately to others, is the acknowledgement and growth of this.

  3. Fr. Matt Williams, The Director of Youth Evangelization here in Boston, told me this. “My spiritual director told me I’m not on the devil’s radar. Because it I keep myself busy doing God’s work, that I will burn myself out.”

    We all have to make time to be ministered to, so that we can be refreshed to minister to others.

    1. Jesus often retreated to the wilderness for solitude.
      I try to follow his lead in whatever creative manner possible in today’s hectic world.
      Patty, it is such a pleasure to have you join the conversation. Welcome.

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