what DOES Easter mean to you?

Easter Bunny & Easter Eggs, Right?

Easter Bunny & Easter Eggs, Right?

Today we have a nine-year old third-grader from Orlando, Florida joining us to share some wisdom.

He doesn’t blog for the same reasons most people do. He blogs because his Dad makes encourages him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you can spare two more minutes, I give you Chapin Noel. Take it away Chapin:

HI! Me again!

Or should I say, Me again?

Anywho, I’m going to be here again. (and please go on my site too!)

Also, I bet the name is a dead giveaway: what DOES easter mean to you?

My thoughts about easter are the facts which we have to face: it’s not all about what we traditionally do:

  • It’s not about candy
  • It’s not about easter egg hunt

It’s about Jesus. And I know that tons of people around the world take it for granted. But some people believe. And I know, I just know, that at least one person is inventing something more to easter that he/she/it thinks will make him/her/it happy.

But that person is wrong. Sure, it will make them happy, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about giving, being with family, and especially Jesus. Giving food to the poor, charity, and all the good things that we can do to make the world better. Not economically, not by recycling, but by spirituality

note: Please come to my website too! (It’s a pretty cool blog for a third grader) I hope you put this blog post to good use. and (as I always end my blogs) bye! 🙂

Began Blogging In 2nd Grade
Began Blogging In 2nd Grade

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  1. Happy Easter Chapin! You’re right about Easter. It’s sad how many people miss the point. “He is risen, He is risen indeed.”

    1. Carl, it is sad. Therefore, it’s incumbent on the rest of us to let our light shine so brightly, that others can’t help but be drawn to it – kinda like bugs with the bug zapper glow, except different. No zapping, no pain.

  2. Is this a 5-a-day blogger in training? Looks like a chip off the old block. Good for you Chapin for sharing about Easter. You’re right on target. God bless you, young man.

  3. Thanks Teresa. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. 🙂

    I don’t make him blog. But I do encourage him.

  4. The Quakers talk about looking for “that of God” in everyone. We in our family always talk about allowing our light to shine and it does attract attention. I find it intersting that most people don’t know what it is that has attracted their attention. I have had people say…”what is it about you?”

    Let your light shine Chapin! We can see it all the way up here in Pennsylvania!

  5. NIce message Carl. Let your light continue to shine, like it just did here at this blog. Thank you for your encouragement and wisdom.

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