And if it isn’t too much to ask

Freedom Tower in New York City from Delta jet
Two sacred scars from the day the world stopped turning (bottom right)


God, help us to change the things we can and to live with the things we can’t.

And if it isn’t too much to ask, the wisdom to know which is which would help too.

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  1. Jeff,

    Perspective in knowing which is which is the big thing. It’s like the discussion of the “wants” versus the “needs” I had with my younger son the other day. And I asked him a similar question – can you live without it?

    By the way, your picture gave me chills. I flew out of Newark International a week ago this morning, coming back home from a meeting. Rarely do I get a clear morning glimpse of New York City when I am flying in and out, but I remember I used to be able to look over and see the Twin Towers in the distance. Last week, however, I had a clear morning, and I looked over toward where I used to glance at the Twin Towers, and shining in the morning sun was the Statue of Liberty. I then looked around the early morning crowd on the plane, and I noticed everyone glancing that way with a smile of pride on their faces. And then I realized I was smiling just as much as well! It was a goosebump moment indeed!


  2. Bob, sorry for delayed reply. Was off the grid for a few days. No Internet available… not a self induced absence.

    American pride is like most other prides.

    One unique factor about America though is our desire and follow through in helping others as well as each other.

    Hope your Son felt like he could benefit from your wisdom.

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