Changing your scenery can change things

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This post will sound like the antithesis of changing the scenery, but here’s how i counter that thinking – every morning, the first two hours are spent on a journey to thoughts i’ve never seen, or thoughts i haven’t seen in years.

Find creative ways to do the impossible – travel every day to someplace exciting.

Every morning after waking, i kiss my wife and son on the forehead as they sleep and then get down at the foot of the bed and say the same three prayers.



Sometimes when i get down on bended knee, thoughts of the day’s to-do list creep in.

i catch this and start over.

Sometimes, i say the prayers real fast – too fast.

While i retired from Disney, i didn’t retire from working (making a good and decent contribution to society).

i hit the ground running each morning with two hours of writing, reading, praying, thinking – and finish this time block by 7am.


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