Christmas paradox revealed as i woke up this morning

Church epiphany
About a year ago i snapped this with an iPhone. Had an epiphany an hour ago.

Christmas paradox revealed as i woke up this morning.

Do i really believe in the spirit of gift giving as a part of a Christian belief system or am i a zombie on the treadmill of life, going through the motions?

Going through the motions is easy because retailers for many decades have crafted American habits and rituals – buy, buy, buy.

If we don’t offer gifts to people we love, that means we don’t care as much as everyone thinks we should care.


So as i awoke an hour ago, i couldn’t help but wonder, “How many times do you attend Church a year?”

Does your commitment to be physically present within a Christian community (just an hour a week) match and support your thinking for why you should give and recieve gifts?

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