Do You Ever Wish Your Religious Center Thanked You More For Your Time, Talent and Treasure?

Last week in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, home of Acadia University and this Loonies & Toonies store (dollar store).

Look! The religious volunteers, they’re breathing! Ever feel as long as you fog the mirror, you’ve got the job?

Do you ever wish the good folks at your Religious Center paid more attention to you and thanked you more often for your gifts of time, talent and treasure?

Sometimes I feel like no one notices.

And then. And then I worry (panic) that our Pastors feel the same way.

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  1. Ever feel as if your pastor didn’t care? Get them in; get them out. Get me out of here.
    That’s when you have to look past the man, to see the Divine.

  2. Most humans have a threshold, and then, over time, without encouragement, keeping a raging fire burning leans towards ‘have to do’ instead of ‘get to do’.

  3. It is like that old addage, that after being in the midst of it, I know it’s true. The saying is that in most churches, 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people.

    And you are right – at the end of it all, what should have been an opportunity to be a blessing to others can turn into a chore. And then it becomes, like we referred to it after getting “stuck” in the nursery for 4 years, the “tour of duty.” We lost our focus of why we were there, and we had to get a refocused!

  4. Bob, reading your comment brought a thought – maybe we simply need to manage our expectations of why we serve.

    If we serve, expecting to get noticed, we are likely to be misled.

  5. Thanks Patty. And for the record, my imperfect humanness probably likes be be “noticed”.

    And perhaps the noticing is from God – in the form of immeasurable Grace, Mercy and Never Ending Love.

  6. I like flying below the radar. But if you read my blog tomorrow evening (2 posts on Friday) you will read I’m not doing such a great job of remaining unnoticed. It’s probably hard to believe but I’m rather shy.

  7. Not hard to believe.
    Enjoy your moments, knowing that God has found a place, time and reason to honor your servanthood.

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