Busy...Dreadfully Busy

Every speech has to count

Colorado landscape from a plane
Stunning opportunity on so many levels on a trip that was a first world nightmare.


Colorado landscape from a plane
Never let the marathon day – filled with bumps – get to me.


Colorado landscape from a plane


Colorado landscape from a plane
Imagining what carved it and how long it took, and if this is only the most recent (100-million years) look.


Colorado landscape from a plane
Trusting the pilots…we were close to mountain tops.


Colorado landscape from a plane
Really close.


Disney Keynote Speakers




Vail, CO
Westin lobby view midday.


Vail. CO
Room view at 6am.


Vail, CO
Conference morning.


conference agenda
AV check 6:30AM.



Reflecting back to just two days ago, i really rallied for the Disney Customer Service Keynote speech.

How do i know?

Face-to-face client (CEO) and audience (Owners) feedback.

Like a heart surgeon, every operation (speech) has to count.


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