Only preach what you practice

Google maps
Just a moment in time yesterday. Almost there.


Universal Studios signage
Knowing how i got here and why i was here – surreal.


Disney Keynote Speakers
The best way to travel with two backpacks.


bicycle locked to bamboo pole
First time securing a bicycle to a bamboo pole. Couldn’t find a bike rack to save my life.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Wasn’t expecting this, but wasn’t surprised either – as soon as i walked inside.


apple watch fitness app
For posterity.


random photo
First time showing up for a speech in cutoff jeans and a sweat-soaked tee-shirt.


Only preach what you practice.

Not gonna lie, there was a moment of nervous uncertainty when the client and i met for the first time yesterday morning.

So many firsts (risks).

Many of us are hard to impress.

But what went down yesterday…i impressed myself.

Pretty rare.

And cool.


• • • • •

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