Busy...Dreadfully Busy

Pray Without Ceasing Loses It’s Meaning When We Are Very Busy

Would have gone on the walk with them, but I was working on a deadline.

I’ll pray tonight..too much to do today. I’ll pray tomorrow, too much to do tonight. Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about Monday’s Cub Scout meeting…

Insight: You tell me please, I’m too busy to discern it today.

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2 replies on “Pray Without Ceasing Loses It’s Meaning When We Are Very Busy”

Patty, this is the tough part about being an adult. We are in charge of everything. In a way, our daily life is no different than the daily life of a business – competing goals, competition (for our time and energy), meetings, projects, unexpected challenges, paperwork, downtime, refurbishing, learning, socializing/networking, analyzing results, looking for trends, making improvements (small and large), and on and on and on…

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