This is not a life-sentence by being highly structured

sanibel sunrise
In the midst of an amazing Sanibel Island sunrise yesterday…


sanibel rainbow
…i remembered to do a 180-degree turnaround. As i watched and photographed the rainbow, i saw a man with a big camera step onto the beach and walk toward me. He was so captivated by the firey-red glow of sunrise behind me, the rainbow evaded him.


Being focused and disciplined with our habits and rituals doesn’t sentence us to a life lacking in spontaneity and fun.

Quite the opposite.

We are able to take what unexpectedly crosses our path and use healthy improvisation to do something we’ve never (or rarely) done before.

This is exciting, fun, and often provides joy where and when we didn’t expect.

What many never experience and therefore can’t correlate is that wellness attracts, facilitates and enhances spontaneity.

Who knew?


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