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Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and what’s the point?

Lahti, Finland Track & Field stadium
Masters World Championships support Lane 8’s concept of impossible goals


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and what’s the point?

Traditions, religious or otherwise, are established to communicate simple, key, repeatable messages.

In many cases they are used to keep us on track, to not forget. To stay true to the company, community, religion, country, etc.

But what if we lived in such a way that everyday was Ash Wednesday?

As if everyday was Christmas? As if everyday was Easter.

Mind, body, spirit, so let’s give a moment to think about our work today, punch in here.


By jeff noel

Internet's only five-a-day blogger, leaving a trail for our son. This is about putting the spirit of Love at the center of your life. It may be God, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Yahweh, etc. For me, it's Jesus.