Ain’t no glamour on the road

Disney Keynote Speaker
On the flight from Kuwait to Dubai…posted to TEDxAUK Instagram.
High School Seniors
While i missed being there Saturday night as our Son and his friends had dinner at our home, i remain content for being at all the other dinners they’ve shared at our place. After dinner, they went to Universal Studios for Grad Night.
Emirates delayed bag form
i begged them not to confiscate the bead jar.
Florida homesite
Had the airport car service drop me off at neighborhood entrance and i walked home from there. Entering our back yard is an indescribably peaceful experience.

Ain’t no glamour on the road.

The effort required to make it back home from Kuwait was anything but joyful.

The world isn’t perfect, of course.

Sometimes, it’s not even excellent.

Then i remind myself that whatever is irritating me is only a first-world problem and i immediately return to a peaceful and grounded state of being.

Son, when you learn to recognize that your biggest “issues” are trivial compared to many people’s issues, you will find a peace and contentment that allows you to thrive.

Having an incurable disease is a huge lifetime challenge. The good news is you live in America with access to the best the medical world can offer.

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