Be flexible, be prepared, and seize the moment

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Going to the Sun Road
When you bike before the road opens it looks like this…all the way up and all the way down. No cars.
Storm is brewing, as expected.

Be flexible, be prepared, and seize the moment.

Knowing rain was in the forecast for a brief afternoon window, i packed four layers plus hat and gloves (for the summit at 6,600’.

Made it up to The Loop in time to seek shelter for the 30-minute shower. 

The second shower near the summit was a steady, light sprinkle that began about two miles from the Pass. 

It turned to bigger drops just as i reached the summit and made my way into the vacant parking lot and that’s when i made a quick exit down from Logan Pass. 

While the outer two (of four) layers were soaked, i stayed warm. 

Warm is critical in the mountains. 

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