Deep breathing and keep moving forward

Last dawn photo (from Marina) before departure to Walt Disney World.
Famous and historical boat on Lake McDonald.
Momma Duck and ducklings.
Lake McDonald marina for context. Every morning started here.
Lake McDonald Lodge.
Lake McDonald Lodge.
Xanterra manages all official USA National Park Lodging at some of our Country’s most popular Parks.
Lake McDonald Lodge lobby.
Lake McDonald Lodge lobby. No two lamp shades are the same. All hand-painted.
Lake McDonald Lodge lobby.
View from Lake McDonald Lodge. First light on Mt. Stanton, directly across the the Lodge.
Lake McDonald Lodge looking south at Apgar…also first light.

Patience, calmness, determination, focus. 

The 1:00pm United flight got delayed to 6pm. 

Getting home will have to be delayed until tomorrow, but there were no early flights tomorrow morning. 

Big client meeting at 2pm. 

While in line at United to get help rescheduling my travel, i was able to book the last seat on the Delta flight leaving in an hour. 

Just shy of $1,000. 

Business doesn’t wait. 

United will either refund my flight or pay for the Delta booking. 

We’ll see. 

Got home after 1:00 AM. 

Better than sleeping overnight in a chair in Denver’s airport.

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