Entertainers are experts about being “Onstage”

Just before Chick-fil-A, i got the three monthly allergy shots. That’s where i ran into Louie

Entertainers are experts about being “Onstage”.

Louie is technically a Disney Keynote Speaker competitor.

He’s been an actor since childhood. He’s amazing at his craft.

He was a Guest Speaker for Disney Institute for several years while i was there. He regularly delivered a 50-minute “Disney Traditions” overview as part of Disney’s Approach to People Management, 4-day immersive offering at Walt Disney World.

He’s my all time favorite and you have to know that the other Cast Members who also filled this Guest Speaker role for Disney’s Approach to People Management were also incredible.

Louis is the best of the best.

It was so invigorating to talk (mostly listen) with him.

Son, because my schedule wasn’t jammed packed, the 45 minutes we talked didn’t make me anxious about being late for the next to-do yesterday. I had margin in the day’s schedule. Margin equals sanity (and opportunity).

Check out his website and speaker “sizzle” video here.

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