It’s often good to wait, and think, before deciding

Glacier Park hikes
Glacier Park hikes
Glacier Park hikes
Glacier Park hikes

After a good night’s sleep and a normal Friday morning two-hour workout including the usual four-mile roundtrip walk to the gym and the hour at the gym, i had the (obvious) answer.

The 20-year lifetime recording ban was not in jeopardy of ending.

We shared a few emails Friday afternoon and then…

Scheduled another impromptu call with the event owner and told him i can speak but not be recorded. Period. Gave him a synopsis of the reasons.

He was frustrated and began a discussion (that ultimately repeated itself three times) that led with how he/i would be letting attendees down.

My stance was simple: since 1999 there is no video or audio recording. Period.

This speech was not going to be the first.

i suggested he frame up my speech as an “intimate, unique, attendee-only” opportunity. You know, be creative.

Through what in hindsight was manipulation and a “personal values based” guilt trip, the pattern was established on that initial call to graciously decline the opportunity if he refused to not record.

Record, then no speech. No speech, then there needs to be some public relations measures implemented.

Easiest way to ensure the speech happens, no audio or video recording.




As the call progressed and the guilt/manipulation took effect, i agreed to do a live audio podcast.

He was at a no-deal stance but said he’d think about it over the weekend, but didn’t expect to change his mind.

Not only was it good for him to take two days to think, it was good here as well.

Son, a cooling off period is hardly ever a mistake.

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