Try not to feel something indescribable

Dawn and dusk are high sighting probability times. Almost a guarantee.  

Lighting is great early and late. 

Mountains can put you in shade hours before sunset. 

So many Mountain Goats. Feeding animals is strictly prohibited, facilitating a healthy, cautious respect. 

This goat has shed its winter coat and grown its summer coat.

This flower’s bloom season is about to begin. First one i’ve seen this Summer. Exciting. Inspiring. 

Love the exquisite packaging. 

A purple carpet is beginning to unfold. 

Try not to feel something indescribable when you are in a place like Logan Pass at early evening. 

Last night was especially wonderful because our group increased in size from one to five. 

Every person has the potential to help me creatively simplify my business. 

•  •  •  •  •

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By jeff noel

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