A great spirit can be lonely if…

Shane is in front of Jeremy, pictured here. This trail is all new to me. Dragon’s Tail on the right.
Panorama of Dragon’s Tale (center). Hidden Lake on the right, Fusillade Mountain on left.
We made a left from where i took this photo and started climbing straight up, using all fours because of the steep grade. The peninsula curving left intrigues me.
As we climbed the views continued to stun us.
Shane (L) and Jeremy moved and secured a big rock that was too loose and hence a safety issue.
The highest i’ve ever climbed. There was still hundreds more feet up through rock climbing and i had already exceeded all my expectations.
Dragon’s Tale got smaller as did Hidden Lake (center).

A great spirit can be lonely if…

You don’t lift others up, so that they can lift others up. 

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