GNP Day 36, spiritually

Couple in mountains
Mt Jackson behind us. One of the six 10,000-footers in GNP. To see it from this angle at this time of day is exceptional.
Mountain goat
Deep in the wilderness, not a roadside drive by.
Trees reflecting in pond
What the heck is that? A small pond surrounded by trees and filled with tree reflections.
Trees reflected in a pond
Red tent upper left. Pond next to four-site back country campground.

Five minutes after the campground pond photos we stepped onto the Hotel front porch. 

Four people commiserating in the warm alpine, late afternoon sun. Improv’d the following…

me: pulling a pen out of my pocket said, do you have a piece of paper?

Them: we have a notepad inside…

me: i need to write you a ticket…

me: For having too much peace and joy in this moment.

Them: Huge smiles…laughed in appreciation.

Assorted small talk to conclude the interaction/interruption.

After walking away five steps, i turned around and asked…

me: What are you celebrating…

Them: Today. Friendship.

me thinking to myself: How flipping perfect is that?

me: Those are my top two, too.

•  •  •  •  •

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