Glacier National Park

Happiest forgiver

Last night. For real, i had a few pangs of angst knowing animals are slaughtered to provide my meal.

Happiest forgiver you know is whom?

Is it you?

Should it be?

To be clear, the common levels of forgiveness everyone must agree upon range from ridiculously easy to literally impossible.

Someone who is 30 minutes late is one level.

Someone who gossiped about you is another level.

There are also horrific levels that are our worst nightmare.

In theory, forgiving is unconditional.

Meaning there should never be a time where we simply can’t forgive others.

In theory, if we ask whomever or whatever we believe is the center of our spiritual universe, there is nothing so severe that Love and forgiveness can’t conquer.

It’s a test we’d all like to pass, but none of us wants to take.

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By jeff noel

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