Glacier National Park

Notice to backcountry users

Grizzly Bear warning Glacier
This is one of the elements that appeals to me about Glacier. It’s always potentially dangerous.


Light tomorrow with today. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning


i don’t walk anywhere in Glacier without Bear Spray.


Because it’s potentially dangerous.

There’s a reality that’s heightened in such a way that you can’t replicate in a civilized society.

It’s not a foolish dangerous, it’s a matter of always being aware and never letting your guard down.

We don’t live like this – so many built-in safety precautions in our daily lives.

Only a 100% wild place offers this realism.

i appreciate, enjoy, and value how it elevates all my senses.

This elevated awareness is transferable in the real world.

That, too, is extremely valuable to me (and my business).


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