Pollock Mountain closeup

21-second 2020 video: Pollock Mountain closeup…with Bishops Cap and Garden Wall all the way to Mt Gould.
man bundled up on a mountain
Time stamping 2020 with a Covid-19 mask.

Easy to forget the reason Glacier is an annual visit is simply because we wanted to imprint on our Son some other place besides home and Sanibel Island. Glacier was a calculated risk. Not guaranteed, yet hard to fail.

It almost failed after the second visit.

What saved it so that we returned for a third consecutive Summer?

Promised our Son we wouldn’t spend all day in the car and at overlooks. Promised to park the car and hike some trails. He agreed to return a third Summer based on that premise.

It changed everything.

Did he fall in love with Glacier?


Was it less boring for him?


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