Spiritual blank slate

Logan Pass September snow
Two days ago driving over the Continental Divide.


Logan Pass September snow
We hiked this a few days ago with no snow.


Logan Pass September snow
September 28, 2018.


Logan Pass September snow


Logan Pass September snow
The phenomenon known as flagging.


What if…

We had…

(Every morning)…


Spiritual blank slate?

Who says we don’t?


Your slate is clean.

Ps. You get to call this each morning you are gifted to awake to a new day. It ain’t rocket surgery.

Pss. No one is forcing their religion on you. So what’s your choice? It would be fair to judge ourselves with the same scrutiny we judge others…there’s a reason the term “blind spots” exists.

Pss. To not choose something because of the hypocrites (say “hypocritical Christians” or “Muslim extremists”) would render us with no choices ever. Ever.


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