Stunning Chalet, ok views

Dining room table by window
Linen table clothes at 6,600’ and 7 miles from the closest road.
Mountain chalet family staff
Risk-taking couple bought Sperry and Granite Park Chalets from the Great Northern Railway before they were destroyed for lack of interest.
Quote on wall
Kay and her husband bought Sperry and Granite Chalets from the Great Northern Railway decades ago. GNR didn’t want them and were going to raze them.
Mountain chalet bedroom
Deluxe, rebuilt dormitory rooms totally exceeded my expectations.
Shadow of horse on ground
Noticing shadows.
Chalet deluxe room
Two second floor dorm rooms share a balcony and sleep five each.
Mountain chalet
The shared second floor balcony.
Mountain chalet
Sperry from Lincoln Peak.

A tree doesn’t grow overnight, but a tree does grow.


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