Consistently attacked by a busy schedule?

Hang glider failure
On ABC Evening News with David Muir last night, a report of a tourist mishap during a Swiss Alps hang gliding flight.


Hang glider failure
The pilot failed to strap the tourist to the hang glider. It took a while until the pilot could land the aircraft. The tourist broke his wrist on the fall and tore his bicep – how he hung on for so long is a miracle. They were at heights that had he lost his grip he would have died. Was the pilot in a hurry?


The drive to do good is consistently attacked by the pressure and stress of a busy schedule.

It is infinitely easier to succumb to this daily pressure using the three main human go-to responses to reduce or eliminate the friction (pain).

Distraction, entertainment, and medication.

This becomes a habit quickly.

Be careful.

Better to fight it while the fire is small than after it has become a raging wildfire.


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