What is prayer if not a deep, real hope for a better future

photo of child clinging to parent's leg
should we cling as tightly to our health as a child does to a parent’s leg?

What is prayer if not a deep, real hope for a better future. The health metrics for America are disgusting dismal not good. Stress, pressure, uncertainty, negativity. All lead to short cuts spurred on by our insatiable need for comfort.

On top of that, because so many people are unhealthy, being unhealthy seems more acceptable. Doesn’t it? Sad though because what we accept by default becomes the new standard. I pray we don’t get used to default-mode.

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  1. Thanks Patty. It’s a simple approach, real life, in real time. Point and shoot. No awards for composition, lighting, etc.

    No awards here, just rewards… reminders, memories, fun.

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