An epiphany about praying and writing after nearly 7000 blog posts

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The Renaissance front desk had a public iPad for Guests to find answers

An epiphany about praying and writing after nearly 7,000 blog posts…

They are one and the same.

You cannot spend two hours each morning thinking and then writing about the balance and interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit, career, and home… without entering a prayerful state.

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  1. Thanks Patty, the 7k “milestone” (whatever that means) was reached 90-ish days ago.

    An unpredictable joy, and education, has been in the anticipation I feel about what the morning posts will reveal, share, contemplate.

    The other is reading it 90-100 days after it was written, am I still convicted, or was it an emotional riff that no longer holds water.

    Really, really cool.

    And it would have never been experienced if blogging would have continued the way it was always done.

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