Are You The Change?

Are You Unknowingly Crabby?
Are You Unknowingly Crabby?

Are you behaving in the same way you want others to behave?

No, serious, do a thorough inventory. You’re probably not.

Where do I start, Jeff?

Humble yourself and look in the mirror.

By jeff noel

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  1. As a general rule I don’t like mirrors. They are necessary but they can be too revealing. Whether it be direct reports mimicking our work ethic or our children picking up on a character flaw, it is difficult to hide from or lie about what the observed behavior shows.

    Humbly admitting our flaws and then learning from the mistakes made can help with growth and maturity. Somebody is always watching what we do in order to test it against what we say.

  2. David, love your honesty.

    I’ve come to the realization that most people desire transformation change, but very few will actually do the work.

    The mirror can be real or metaphorical.

    And I believe we should be looking all the time.

    Do sports teams watch game films to study how to get better, or to entertain themselves?

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