Cry Baby?

Took This Photo Two Days Ago
Took This Photo Two Days Ago

Last night, driving home from the Doctor’s office, and listening to the radio, I got a little teary-eyed. Has this ever happened to you?

The right song at the right time.

The right place at the right time.

I met the most wonderful Gastroenterologist last night.

Tomorrow, you’ll find out why.

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  1. Even with the physical struggles you have had with regard to your ability to run, you are still showing your support for team USA. Maybe it was just a comfortable shirt to wear. Maybe you are sending a subliminal message.

    I like looking at pictures and try to find any hidden messages in them. Sometimes we are looking at the obvious and we don’t see the latent messages contained in the images.

    When I see the message about being safe for “little ears” I think of Disney and it being a safe environment where I can take my family (including kids) and not worry about what they will see or hear.

    Wow . . . all of this coming from a post about you hearing the right song at the right time after speaking with the right Gastroenterologist.

    Praying for a cure.

  2. David, thanks for your insights.
    Yes, very often, the messages I’m sending are not obvious. And many times, they can joyfully be interpreted in any way the reader wants to.
    And finally, I’m not only praying for a cure, but I’m building this Mid Life Celebration, LLC business to raise money until the cure is found for Crohns.
    Impossible is nothing.

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