Pain Is Everywhere

Saturday at Church, I attended the monthly Men’s Emmaus group meeting. It’s a spiritual dip in the well, so to speak.

In the course of 1.5 hours, I heard two profoundly challenging, and life-altering Family situations that would make most people cave in desperation.

This is where fellowship comes in.

God will never, ever abandon you.



If you do not feel close to God, guess who moved?

Have you tried complete surrender?

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I think you nailed the situation well. Situations around us can so easily get us distracted from our ultimate goal – God. And as we lose our focus, something (or Someone, rather) gets our attention, reminding us that we’ve drifted. Longing to be back where we were when we have become separated, I believe, is the Holy Spirit softly prodding us, getting our attention that we have drifted from God.

    Great reminder, Jeff! Thanks!!!


  2. One of the benefits of complete surrender is that it’s easier the second time.

    What I have found is that once you understand the benefits of complete surrender, you can actually start living a life that gets you farther away from needing it.


    Because, each day becomes a small act of surrender.

    Eventually. you learn to let go of everything.

  3. I went on a men’s retreat back in the late 90’s (that was so last century). One of the men who led our discussions and thoughts for the weekend gave a powerful lesson on what it might have sounded like when the nails were driven into the flesh. These were not the pretty shaped nails we can buy from one of the big box hardware supply places. But the sound of metal hitting metal, the agony of the flesh being torn from the rough edges, just the sound alone would drive you to tears.

    So, the word “nailed” has a sobering meaning for me.

    Ultimate surrender.

    Not my will.

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