Pray, Love, Eat

Why did Eat, Pray, Love become a best selling book and movie? Is it because we lived vicariously through another’s courage? It’s safer to dream, isn’t it, than it is to act, to live, to really live.

Where is our courage? What would our book and movie be called?

I’d go with Pray, Love, Eat.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Never read the book. But did watch the movie, and found that the hype and my perception were not in alignment. Thought is was a very good movie, not a great movie. I think the book hype had me thinking it’d be one of the best movies I’d ever see.

    What is inspiring, is the underlying message of courage to find meaning in life…

  2. As usual the book, for me, was better than the movie. Especially India — With the book you can take the time to really savor the message. Reading and rereading…

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