Are These Paths Different Other Than Color?
Are These Paths Different Other Than Color?

Sisters Clanton and Akin came to talk to me on Friday night, but I did most of the talking. Probably a defense mechanism, designed to control a stereotypical conversation from “door-to-door salespeople”. They were selling the good news of Jesus, according to their Book of Mormon.

They were kind, friendly and very gracious.

Wish these questions would have come rushing forward before they left:

Do you still want or need to speak with me, after knowing I’m a full-blown Christian?

Who’s your target audience?

What’s at the very center of your belief that is critically different from mine?

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  1. God is talking to me. Not confident in my listening skills this week. Trouble is that I’m fighting off some flu-bug and it’s sapping my energy. This tends to manifest itself into being less productive, but still having as much or more to do than last week. Remember, life is hard. No excuses.

    What a cool opportunity He placed in my path.

  2. Jeff,

    Opportunities, like these though, tend to be ones that can force you to make sure you know why you stand on your spiritual positions! 🙂 And that’s not bad knowing that you believe not just because “that’s the thing to do,” but because you understand why you believe what you believe.


  3. Great point Bob. Now that you mention it, and looking back, I was really selling them on my belief. What struck me was that it felt like an opportunity was missed – for them to tell me, “nevermind”. 🙂

  4. Love your angles, Bob.
    And by the way, they also planted small seeds. Their kind and gracious nature, combined with their desire, at such a young age, to share the good news about Jesus – very humbling.

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