Quickest and easiest way to get lost in the middle of somewhere?

Florida Orange Grove manicured for the season
Nature’s labyrinth is simple sophistication


Quickest and easiest way to get lost in the middle of somewhere?

Nature is a labyrinth in which the very haste you move with will make you lose your way. – Francis Bacon

Fast and efficient may not be so effective after all.

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  1. Good morning Jeff,
    Today I have chosen to pause before re-entering what feels like an overwhelming pace at work. It was a bit of an internal struggle to put “me” first instead of work…but that may be because the boundaries blur.
    I am relaxing this morning, recovering from jet lag and an intense week, and reading your blog (all 5)…..not just todays posts, but as far back as is available. Absorbing the wisdom that you put out in the Universe for those who pause long enough to let your musings sink in.

    Just wanting you to know…
    Your life and your contribution to LIFE is making an impact on mine.

    Sometimes we don’t know how far the ripples go. Today, I am choosing to reflect on your words and images as part of my effort to renew my spirit and realign “self care” in my priorities.

    Thankful that our paths crossed and aware that Gods plan includes the intersection of souls that will provide part of the understanding of lifes questions…should we pause long enough to let that happen.

    You, Jeff, are making a difference. Pls continue to share your insights and giving food for thought and for change.

    Enjoy today!

  2. Laurie, you have humbled a humble man. Thank you for being a source of energy today in such a specific way. Knowing you understand, comprehend, and reflect on the interconnectedness of all five… is sunshine on a servant’s garden.

    PS. In reference to reading as far back as you could go. If time doesn’t limit you, you should be able to go back to 2008. 🙂

    Please let me know if there’s a glitch in something you can see, but maybe I can’t.

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