Sometimes It’s Hard To Tell If It’s The Devil Or God That Is Encouraging Me To Keep Writing

Gift shop adjacent to USA’s oldest wooden schoolhouse, St Augustine, Florida…

The only way to press on is to take time away from other priorities like Family time, working out, hobbies, volunteering and household projects.

How should one feel if it’s ridiculously easy to take no shortcuts at work? Americans have little trouble working so hard they become addicted. Work defines people. Provides status, security, comfort, perks.

The passion to fulfill our purpose. Is it the devil in disguise?

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  1. I sure hope not. Interesting thought though. Hard work is sure nothing new, it has just changed with time. We no longer have to hunt for our food or plow our fields which also consumed a good portion of their lives. In fact, we probably have more leisure time than generations past. (Written by a woman that spends far too much time working.)

  2. And you spend far too much time working because? Just askin’.
    Our answers are probably similar.
    In the end, none of will look back though and say, Geez, I wish I had spent more time at the office.

  3. Writing is a passion. The words fan the flames of the soul. But it’s a balance — like all of life. All writing and no play makes for boring plots. One must live to write. Not write to live.

    or perhaps…

    Maybe we write because our heads can’t hold all our words and we need to make room.


  4. I think I work so much so I can go to WDW occasionally. Just kidding. Good question though. If you are going to own a business you are going to have to work hard to be successful at some level. It doesn’t happen by accident.

  5. Maybe, but does it make you happy or is it just a job? I love being in business, making my own decisions (right and wrong). We have had so much fun turning our reception area into Main Street USA, how many place could I work and have that much freedom?

  6. Donna, I figured you where gonna answer like you answered. Something about being the owner that you can’t anywhere else unless you’re the owner, right? 🙂

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