Sunday Night Conversation

Ever have a casual conversation, and almost invisibly, a “truth” is revealed to you? Happens frequently doesn’t it?

Two nights ago while eating dinner and talking on speaker phone, my Mother-In-Law (88) was describing her Sunday. She’s always the last to leave Mass, because my Father-In-Law (85) walks incredibly slow these days, she told the Priest how much she liked his Homily (sermon).

The Priest commented that no one ever tells him if they like his preaching.

I guess we take it for granted.

But why?

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  1. Jeff,

    Sad to say, but I think it is often human nature for a lot of folks to only provide feedback when it is negative feedback. I used to have a boss that way – I never saw him unless it was something bad. I guess that is where the addage, “No news is good news” fits in nicely. Also, I think there are folks who believe that you have to do something astounding, like walking on water, to be able to get any compliments. Everything else you do is just “doing what you’re supposed to be doing.”

    That’s why I try my best to be appreciative of others and to let them know…because it is also what my personality likes too!


  2. Bob, a mantra from Gandhi: “Become the change you wish to see”.

    Being complimentary is contagious. Most of us never get close enough to catch it though.

    Which reminds me, Bob, thank you for your continued support. You’ve been here since the beginning and you may not believe this, but you have been instrumental in helping keep me motivated. You consistently say nice things, and you even were the very first Guest Blogger.

    May it all come back to you ten fold.

  3. Jeff,

    And I thank you for having your blog – for your daily encouragement.

    Sorry I haven’t responded as much as I would have liked this week. Been out of sorts on Pacific time while doing presentations for my company in Vegas. I enjoyed it, but also glad to be back on Eastern time.


  4. Bob, hope your speeches were amazing, inspiring and fun, and that you were a catalyst for positive change.

    I don’t expect anyone to comment. So, when people do, it’s a true gift.

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