We see what we want to see

Miel High Stadium
Ground level view.


Denver wild flowers


Denver wild flowers


Denver Church


Man outside Denver Church


You can see many things covering 8.5 miles in any city. One of the most poignant was the man in the bottom photo.

Is he simply resting on the randomly chosen Church steps?

Or is he at the end of his proverbial rope, hoping that God will come into his life?

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    1. Bob, was glad that God allowed me to “see it” and pray for him.
      Another option would have been to go over and talk to him.
      One of life’s biggest conundrums.
      We can’t do everything all the time.
      This often stops us from doing what we can, because what we can do is so small it seems to us that it’s insignificant.

  1. But you got to pray for him…you wouldn’t know to do that unless you saw him. And that’s a very significant thing in God’s eyes.

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